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You say you want a revolution . . .

Rivet Software is revolutionizing financial reporting by using XBRL to create, exchange, present, and consume financial information for greater transparency, improved efficiencies and reduced risk. We’re glad you’ve taken the time to visit our website and we look forward to simplifying your financial reporting life one number at a time.

Rivet’s Roots

Rivet’s founder, the late Mike Rohan, started Rivet in 2002 because he wanted to improve the way companies, investors, government agencies and other organizations create and consume financial data. He believed if data was more accessible and more transparent that better decisions would be made.

How We Can Make Your Financial Reporting Life Better

Rivet’s Crossfire is a web-delivered interactive financial management platform that allows finance, legal and audit teams to collaborate simultaneously in Microsoft Word. Ensure the accuracy and consistency of data more efficiently. Spend more time on what matters: analyzing the numbers and making even better business decisions.


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Crossfire for SEC Reporting

We know that compliance with SEC rules and filing requirements for the SEC’s EDGAR system can be complicated, but not with Rivet’s Crossfire. Crossfire built in features including Validation and Filing Wizard to ensure compliance in your filing and to give you control over the entire SEC filing process.

Crossfire for Document Management

Crossfire allows multiple teams to collaborate simultaneously in Microsoft Office. Launch documents from the web, check versioning online, share and coauthor from any location, create protected sections, checking sections in and out, and comment in a single source document.

Crossfire for Quality Assurance

Accurate financial reporting is at the core of driving business and investor confidence. Rivet knows that delivering financial information in various formats (webpages, paper documents, and data files) to multiple stakeholders is a mammoth task (and risk). Crossfire helps clearly communicate your financial story, especially when filing in a digital format, like XBRL, with the SEC.

Crossfire for Analytics

Crossfires Interactive Reporting connects large datasets, public and internal, directly to Excel spreadsheets. Use intuitive drag and drop features to build a report and access important data in minutes. Create reports that will refresh in seconds, distribute in real-time, or create a web based version that can be accessed from anywhere with Crossfire.

The Team

Our Executive Team:

Madelaine Rohan

Chief Executive Officer



Scott Calvert

Chief Revenue Officer



Jeston Moran

Vice President of Professional Services



T.J. Tanberg

Vice President of Sales Channels



Jordan Woodard

Director of Business Development



Lyle Payne




Our Story

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