Crossfire Now Supports Microsoft

Crossfire Now Supports Microsoft ® PowerPoint:
Another step forward for managing financial communication


Imagine you’re minutes from heading into your Annual Board Meeting when your Controller informs you there are changes to the numbers you’re moments away from presenting. You then scramble to update the numbers, the graphs, the tables. . . but did you update the right number in the right graph? And don’t forget those pesky formatting changes you’ll have to deal with, too.

Suddenly your assistant knocks on your door and says the board is ready for you now . . . but are you ready for them?

Crossfire Linking
With Rivet’s Crossfire you’ll be ready.

Crossfire can now automatically link Microsoft ® Excel files directly to your Microsoft ® PowerPoint presentations with a single click. Make last minute changes to graphs and tables without affecting data integrity or formatting. Easily update your PowerPoint presentations minutes before an important presentation while eliminating cutting and pasting altogether. Save valuable time each quarter by rolling forward the data to the next period with a single click.

Take full advantage of the familiar Microsoft ® Office tools you use today.

You’ll be ready to discuss the most up-to-date financials with confidence. No more wondering if that specific number changed in all of the tables and graphs within your presentation.

Be ready with Crossfire.

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