Analytical marketing

Marketing based on data

Marketing activities of many people are associated with the area of soft measures, which are largely based on intuition and good understanding of clients mentality. In the meantime, however, any advertising activities have one primary objective- profit. It becomes necessary to pricing marketing and conversion of its cost to the real effects for the company. Although some of us might be surprised, more and more companies rely on marketing analysis. They are used in concerning both- the profitability of marketing activities and marketing strategies that should be adopted to suit the needs of customers. There are fifteen major indicators for measuring the value of marketing:

1.Consciousness of the brand

2. Customer satisfaction

3. Test drive

4. Migration rate

  • These non- financial indicators determining the effectiveness of marketing efforts in building customer loyalty, branding and marketing campaigns.

5. Return on investment

6. The internal rate of return

7. The net present value

8. Profit

9. The rate of adoption

  • It’s a classic financial indicators relevant also in marketing.

10. The value of the customer life cycle- financial indicator determining the value of a customer.

11. The cost of a single click

12. Transactional conversion rate

13. Reimbursement of expenditure on advertising

14. Bounce rate

15. Position in the social media

  • These indicators measure the value of marketing conducted through various Internet channels.