Web design

10 commandments of a web designer of twenty first century

Today there is probably a major company that does not have its own website, the principle of saying ‘you’re not online, you do not exist’ fully reflects the attitude of modern society. Therefore, companies often turn to web designers with a request for creating a website. There are 10 rules that should keep in mind every professional developer.

  1. Ask yourself- how this website will be used?

  2. Be carefully with free CMS and widgets. Some plugins are conducive to hacking attacks.

  3. Remember to build the website that will be clear and transparent.

  4. The website should be responsive because it is increasing number of users of mobile internet.

  5. The interface should be intuitive.

  6. Graphics is an important element of the site- it must rivet eyes, but can not impose.

  7. The user probably looking for something specific on the website, you should try to provide him.

  8. The site should have complex structure, it is better seen by the search engine.

  9. Do not forget the ‘Contact’ is an extremely important element of the page.

  10. Add to the website something special, which will be reward for the use of the fact that user visit this page.