Rivet Software provides innovative software and service solutions that solve everyday business problems. Rivet builds products that are designed to work within the environment accountants work in daily, namely Microsoft Office. Cost savings and efficiencies are possible because of Rivet’s extensive background in software and accounting. We pass the value directly on to our clients while ensuring the highest quality data and presentation.


SEC Filings

Rivet’s Crossfire makes complying with SEC rules and filing requirements efficient and effective. Use familiar Microsoft Office tools, eliminate manual data entry, and manage the process in a single source document to accurately tell your company’s financial story. In addition to premier software solutions, Rivet’s 100% US-based Subject Matter Experts become extensions of your reporting team.
SEC Filings




Document Management

Rivet’s Crossfire is a web-delivered interactive financial management platform that allows multiple teams to collaborate simultaneously in Microsoft Office. Launch documents from the web, check versioning online, securely share and coauthor from any location, create protected sections, check sections in and out, and comment in a single source document.

Document Management




Quality Assurance

Rivet Software invests in people, process, and technology to reduce financial reporting risk and gain efficiencies. Our goal is to address the accuracy, completeness, and consistency in financial reporting no matter what format. In addition to training, Rivet has devoted significant resources to develop quality assurance tools and processes used by public companies, CPA firms, and consultants worldwide.
Quality Assurance





Crossfires Analytics connects large datasets, public and internal, directly to your Excel spreadsheet. Use intuitive drag and drop features to build reports and get meaningful information in minutes.  When a journal entry is posted internally or a competitor files with the SEC, for example, you’ll be alerted and the report will refresh in seconds. Distribute in real-time, or create a web based version that can be accessed from anywhere.




Data Connectors

Link underlying information from any ERP, CPM or accounting system directly to Crossfire reports. Rivet’s Data Connectors allow you to drill into line items to view account and transaction levels, surfacing exactly where each number is coming from.
Data Connectors





Rivet’s Crossfire leverages the best of Microsoft Office and elevates it to meet the demanding needs of accounting teams. Crossfire is a web-delivered interactive financial management platform that allows multiple teams to collaborate simultaneously. From SEC filers to internal reporting professionals, Crossfire is the holistic  package for their reporting needs


XBRL US Consistency Suite has been built into Crossfire adding 16,000 additional validations further ensuring the quality of XBRL submissions to the SEC.

Rivet’s DragonView is a specialized tool geared toward reviewing the quality of XBRL files for agreed upon procedures.


In addition to Rivet Software products, we have partnered with Corefiling as the exclusive reseller of Magnify in the US. Magnify provides third party validation and review capabilities for SEC filers.




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Client Quotes

Mitzi Pierce, Director of External Reporting at Cardtronics

“On top of Crossfire being a great product, if you ever need help, the solution-minded people at Rivet are always willing to help. I definitely recommend Rivet!”

Matt Marquardt, SEC Accountant at Devon Energy

“The Rivet team knows what they’re talking about and they’re incredibly responsive.”

Brendan Pleskow, External Reporting Manager at Crocs

“With a week of training, Rivet taught me every in and out of XBRL.”

Crystal Bringuier, Controller at Sussex Bank

“I no longer worry about the quality of our data. I know it is accurate and can be updated quickly.”

Bobby Rezaee CPA, SEC Reporting Manager at Southwest Bancorp

“Crossfire is definitely easy to use and provided a significant amount of efficiencies.”

Mark Feldser, Finance Manager at BioClinica, Inc.

“Our public company has been using Rivet’s Crossfire for over two years now, and I would highly recommend this product. The software itself is both effective and user-friendly.”

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Central Federal Bank Corporation

Read how 20 days after signing with Rivet, Central Federal was able to successfully file their 10Q on Rivet’s Crossfire